Our Goal

  • Better elected representation in the executive and legislature with vision and values that mirror ours
  • Progress Markers: political parties reform and/or differentiate themselves from the norm, improved internal party processes e.g. transparent primaries process & better quality candidates on the ballot


Take Action

  • Assess candidates against agreed values and qualities and vote accordingly and join a political party Organizing Values
  • Commitment (to Goal & Actions)
  • Unity (prepared to stand together as one to achieve a common purpose regardless of all diversity)
  • Integrity


Organizing Framework

  • Engage. Motivate. Recruit. Execute. Repeat

Organizing for our goals

What is organizing?

  • Organizing is bringing purpose driven people together to achieve a shared objective.
  • Typically the basis of organizing is morals and values (not economic or political persuasion) to bring about a desired outcome or introduce a new idea.
  • Organizing is based on formed relationships rooted in shared values and division of labour.
  • In summary – organizers don’t want to win ‘the game’ – they try to disrupt/replace the game.

Ready to take action?

Two things to do – do both or do one but please do something

Vote Differently

Only for candidates who have been assessed and who are aligned with our identified values and qualities.


  • Convince others within your circle of influence to vote wisely
  • Share the goals and the actions – using a motivating story of hope
  • Close the deal: get them to sign up on this website, share the recruiting strategy & set targets


  • Sign up online, confirm those who want to take action have permanent voters card (PVC)
  • Encourage those 18+ without PVCs to get one
  • Prepare to ‘walk the vote’ on election day (encourage people around your polling unit to come out and vote)

Get involved?

Registered Voter?
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  • 16-25
  • 26-35
  • 36-40
  • 40+
Voted Before?
Registered member of a Party?

Join a party

WHY: If we want better representation more Nigerians need to be in the political parties to: (i) participate in shaping focus & processes (ii) contribute funds & spend time and resources on the party (this way parties won’t need godparents) & (iii) become delegates and candidates


  • Join a party
  • Share the experience (how easy was it, what was the process, are you now a member) (note to site developers – how best can this feedback happen?)
  • Plan: what you want to achieve within your party
  • Execute
Not sure you should take action? You are a primary stakeholder in Nigeria. Do you know what is expected of you as a citizen?


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What 3 leadership traits and qualities are most important to you? (take the simple poll)

What 3 leadership traits and qualities are most important to you? (take the simple poll)

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