Love Does Not Win Elections

Love Does Not Win Elections is a story about what it takes to win or loose political party primaries in Nigeria through the experiences of a female, first time aspirant and outsider. Ayisha answers a call from within to contest the primaries on the platform of Nigeria’s ruling party – the Peoples Democratic Party – she is dissatisfied with the quality of representation – both from the men and women in office and after years advising on and working to get more women into leadership positions, curious about what it would take to contest and win. Can and does she do all that is required of her as an aspirant or does she pick and choose and what impact did this have on the results? Was there ever a chance that she could have won? Go through the journey of midnight meetings, tracking the first lady and trying to get President Jonathan to realise the damage that was being done to the party with the automatic ticket policy that all incumbents wanted and find out what does it take to win (or lose) the primaries of a major political party in Nigeria